For mother’s: Miss Hawaii USA’s 
7 step guide to get your body back 
Lose 10-40lbs and become the mom who has it all together
Transform your body and lifestyle in 
12 weeks using my 
3-coach system
Go from busy woman to empowered role model!

Chelsea Hardin

Miss Hawaii USA 2016

Chelsea Hardin is a certified fitness coach and former Miss Hawaii USA 2016
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12 Week Summer Slim-Down System
A personalized coaching program made for busy women—get your dream body 
& learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle with guidance from 3 certified coaches!
Busy Moms
Career Driven Ladies
Full Time Students
Pageant Queens
We've helped hundreds of women get slim and create sustainable habits with this system
in 12 weeks or less...
"I now have a more energy to tackle the rest of the day. I have the strength to do everyday things like carry groceries . I have the energy to keep up with my young nephew and do things like swimming.. I strongly encourage anyone looking to change their lifestyle to join the Miss Fit Program. You will be happy you did."
Jessica - Mom
"Believe me when I say this program changed my life. My family has a history of heart disease, and while I knew why a healthy lifestyle was important, I had a difficult time finding my ‘why’ to commit to a healthy lifestyle."
Nicole - Working Woman
 "I lost weight, gained muscle, and regained my confidence. My biggest fear going into this was the workouts. I LOVED how simple and APPROACHABLE the workouts were. The nutrition plan was easy to follow, and I never felt like I was starving or depriving myself. I am so grateful I invested in myself and signed up for this program."
Hayley - Student
Now Its Your Turn!
Apply for the next 12 Week Summer program by booking a free call with Chelsea below. 
We intentionally coach only a few people at a time, so please fill out your application fully.
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*Application deadline for my 2022 Summer program
Overview of the 12 Week System
Our mission is to guide, support and educate ladies who want to transform their lives to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin through movement, nutrition and mindfulness.
We'll Create Your Fitness & Nutrition Plan— Based On Your Goals & Schedule
Your Personalized plan to:
  • Remain vibrant as you age
  • ​Boost your self confidence
  • Set a good example 
  • ​Feel great in your own skin!
Learn Everything About Diet, Mindset, & Movement
All you need to know to...
  • Sustain your eating & exercise regimen 
  • ​Manage stress & cravings
  • ​Establish your ideal sleep routine
  • Eat & drink while you're out—the healthy way!
Get Support & Accountability From 3 Certified Coaches
Lean on Your Coaches To:
  • Stay motivated
  • Put your health first
  • Overcome any excuses
  • ​Have questions answered & hit all your goals!
Interested in getting started?
How do I know if The System will work for me?
There is no one size fits all ladies! The 12 Week Slim Down System is a personalized coaching program that adapts to YOUR body, schedule, and goals. We designed the materials and program support structure to create the perfect environment for you to hit your unique goals—as fast as possible.
Is this 1-on-1 or group coaching?
Our 12 Week system is 1-on-1 and personalized specifically for you. You'll enjoy the benefits of direct accountability and support from 3 certified coaches. We carefully select applicants so don't be shy about your goals in your application.
How much does it cost?
The 12 Week Slim Down System involves a high level of attention from multiple coaches to ensure you hit your marks. We work with women who are ready to invest in themselves, but strive to provide a premium service without breaking the bank! Book a call with Chelsea to discuss your goals, the 12 week program and investment costs in more detail.
Now’s the time to invest in your health and happiness. You are one call away from reaching your goals!
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